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insight2oncology™: Providing Answers to Your Cancer Service Line’s Questions

insight2oncology™: Providing Answers to Your Cancer Service Line’s Questions

Fri, May 15, 2015  -  Comments (0)  -   Posted by Amber Gregg

Where are my patients going when they leave my health system to receive cancer-related services and what services are they receiving? 

What services should my cancer service line put in place and where should these services be located for the most optimal utilization? 

What primary-disease sites are the fastest growing in my community and does my cancer program need to invest in additional physicians or different types of equipment to account for this? 

Are the screening events and community programs my hospital has put into place reaching those who need them and having a positive, measurable impact? 

How can I get access to patient-origin mapping to help define my catchment area?

These and many other strategic, financial, operational and clinical questions are frequently asked by cancer service lines. The use of data and associated analytics are indispensable in informing and guiding decisions, but creating meaningful information from cancer data that has been collected in hospitals and health systems is not always easy due to its complex nature, varied formats, siloed storage and use of different definitions.

One of the most reliable sources for oncology-related data is the cancer registry. This is a standardized data set that has been collected for decades in many hospitals. Although this data exists, it is difficult to turn it into actionable information, as it was collected mainly for accreditation purposes. That’s why CHAMPS Oncology leveraged its stewardship of cancer registry data, along with its 30+ years of expertise providing cancer registry services to create the web-based analytics system insight2oncology™ (i2o), which acts as a translational layer for this robust data set. 

i2o can answer all of the cancer service line FAQs I listed above and many more. Currently, CHAMPS is accepting a limited number of early adopters for i2o. To learn more about this special program and becoming an early adopter visit

What’s you cancer service lines most frequently asked question?

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