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Karen M Meet April’s Registry Rock Star: Karen Apr 29, 2019

Cancer Registry Fact: Cancer registrars’ work goes far beyond simply collecting cancer data.

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Working in the Cancer Registry Working in the Cancer Registry During Evacuation Apr 18, 2019

By Cancer Information Specialist Lisa Orr

Will you be ready to evacuate if Mother Nature comes knocking at your door in the form of a natural...

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NCRW Video This Year's NCRW Video: A Special Tribute to Toni Hare Apr 8, 2019

It's become a tradition at CHAMPS Oncology to put together an NCRW video each year to celebrate cancer registrars across the country during National Cancer...

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Joe Flower Takeaways from a Talk by Joe Flower, Healthcare Futurist Mar 29, 2019

The annual meeting of ACCC members in Washington, DC, tends to have a focus on healthcare costs and government impact on the state of the...

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Kara Meet March’s Registry Rock Star: Kara Mar 21, 2019

Cancer Registry Fact: Highly trained cancer registrars transfer information from patient’s medical records to computer software using standardized codes.

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Protecting Client Cancer Data Protecting Client Cancer Data Mar 14, 2019

By Director of Corporate Compliance Adam Kozenko

When you speak to any member of our CHAMPS Oncology team it will quickly become apparent they are passionate...

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Concurrent Abstract Mastering the Concurrent Abstract Mar 7, 2019

Concurrent abstracting is not a new blog topic for CHAMPS Oncology.

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Vicky Meet February’s Registry Rock Star: Vicky Feb 28, 2019

Cancer Registry Fact: Registries play a critical role in cancer surveillance, which tells us where we are in the efforts to reduce the cancer burden.

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Anniversary with CHAMPS Celebrating Toni's Anniversary with CHAMPS Feb 21, 2019

It's an exciting month here at CHAMPS Oncology.

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