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Meet Yolandi Myers – The Newest Member of the CHAMPS Oncology Leadership Team
Oncology Leadership

By Senior Vice President of Business Operations Yolandi Myers

Earlier this year, I was honored to be promoted to the position of senior vice president of business operations for The Center for Health Affairs and our business affiliates CHAMPS Group Purchasing and CHAMPS Oncology. I’ve spent my career leading our GPO team as vice president, responsible for ongoing growth, customer satisfaction and retention, as well as helping GPO customers maximize their savings. In this new role, the biggest undertaking will be understanding and gaining expertise as part of the CHAMPS Oncology leadership team.

I have made it my first priority to dive head first into the Oncology world to familiarize myself with the industry and our amazing team here at CHAMPS Oncology. I am doing a lot of listening and processing. I’ve had multiple meeting with our Oncology leadership team to learn the complexities of the business. And though I know I am not an oncology registry data expert (Yet!), I believe my business expertise will be tremendously helpful as the division continues to grow and work with more top-notch cancer programs throughout the country.

Over the course of my recent meetings with Oncology leadership I’ve made three main observations:

    Cancer registry operations has its own intricacies and complications that have to be overcome by the CHAMPS Oncology team with every new customer. There are a tremendous amount of small details that have to be accounted for throughout the implementation, as well as the ongoing registry and data management of each client. I’ve been surprised by the complexity of abstracting, all the different resources necessary to create quality data, and the multitasking, organization and communication skills a CHAMPS Oncology CTR must have to support building and maintaining a quality registry.

    The registry is such an important part of the fight against cancer, but it’s interesting that many hospitals and cancer programs are not as in tune to its availability as they could be, given a proper strategic partner like CHAMPS. Hospital cancer registries can be a great public health tool and assist in cancer research, if they are given the attention they deserve. Furthermore, the data contained within in the registry can give critical information for the successful management of a cancer program.

    I have known the CHAMPS Oncology leadership team based here in Cleveland for a long time, and I’m having a lot of fun getting to know the rest of the team. I’ve only had a small amount of interaction with our 70+ team members spread across 29 states, but I look forward to making it a priority to get to know them better in the future. One things is clear - there are a lot of very talented individuals on this team. And I really love how passionate everyone is about making a difference in cancer treatment and outcomes!
In my career, I’ve seen how a clear structure, as well as organized processes and procedures that have been carefully devised, can ensure the best efficiency for the most effective outcomes. As we continue into the second quarter of 2018, I am excited to keep learning about the Oncology registry field, but to also use what I know from my GPO background to help secure and support the structure and growth of CHAMPS Oncology. I look forward to working with CHAMPS Oncology’s Vice President Toni Hare and everyone on her team to continue delivering a superior service to our customers and spreading the word about the importance of the registry as we continue to grow together. If you have any questions about my new position or my role on the CHAMPS Oncology leadership team, please leave a comment below. I’d love to continue the conversation!

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