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Meet August’s Registry Rock Star: Celeste

Cancer Registry Fact: With cancer registries, lawmakers can see if certain policies have had an impact, such as improving access to diagnose and treat cancer earlier, when it’s more effective and costs less.

Celeste has been working in the cancer registry profession for nine years. She decided to become a CTR while she was taking HIM classes. She attended an AHIMA meeting where a cancer registrar was the guest speaker and made the cancer registry sound very interesting. She liked the idea of being an investigator. That’s what registrars do, find all the data regarding a patient’s cancer journey. She feels honored to be a part of their journey.

Fun Facts About Celeste

  • Credentials: CTR
  • During her free time, Celeste enjoys spending time with her family. They get together for game nights, NASCAR parties and family football gatherings. She also attends church regularly and teaches at the preschool.
  • Her hometown is Kettering, Ohio.
  • She prefers listening to talk radio to music. 

As part of the CHAMPS Oncology team, Celeste believes better data saves lives™. She is proud to work every day in honor of those who have suffered or are currently suffering from cancer.

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