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Data Integrity & Patient Safety

by CHAMPS Oncology Business Intelligence Manager Julie Graor

Patient safety is an incredibly important issue for all individuals working within the healthcare field – including cancer registrars. In 2015, data integrity failures within health information technology systems topped the list of published patient safety concerns. Since this is an area we cancer registrars are very concerned with, I decided to use this week’s blog to look at some of the fundamental components that comprise data integrity, and ultimately benefit patient safety...

Data Integrity & Patient Safety

As the demand for data continues to effect patient care and safety, reimbursement, accreditation, quality initiatives and research, it is important for health information management professionals, especially those of us in the cancer registry, to be stewards of data integrity and quality. The components above will go a long way in supporting this initiative.

Cancer registrars - What do you incorporate into your daily routine to ensure data integrity?

CHAMPS’ data quality and education activities ensure cancer registry data is timely, accurate, complete and compliant with the most recent cancer coding guidelines.

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