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Key Takeaways from CoC Educational Summit Part 3: CoC Changes
CoC Changes v2

This week I will discuss part three of the CoC changes that CHAMPS Oncology learned about during the CoC Educational Summit: 2020 A Glimpse Into the Future, that took place in Rosemont, IL Nov. 21 through Nov. 22. In my previous blog posts, I shared key takeaways we received from the CoC Educational Summit and updates to the CoC accreditation standards.

CHAMPS Oncology is ready to help cancer programs navigate these CoC changes and will be hosting our first Annual Meeting: 2020 Cancer Program Insights, on January 29, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio. If you can't attend in person a downloadable version and CEs will be available for purchase.

Here are some key updates and announcements that came from the meeting:

  • Standard 7.1
    • The accountability / quality improvement measure is no longer just a CLP requirement, but rather a cancer committee initiative. The CoC went on to define what this means and gave advice to look at measures that will need action plans (e.g., gastric measures).
  • Standard 7.4
    • There is only one annual cancer program goal, instead of two and it is required to be reviewed at least two times annually. The recommendation is to have meetings outside the cancer committee meeting to discuss details and logistics. Goals should ideally be based on the SMART model, and be outside the scope of the standards. Completion of a goal within one year is not a requirement.
  • Standards 8.2 & 8.3
    • Significant time was spent outlining the differences between these standards, to ensure that appropriate efforts are made for both early detection screening outreach and prevention activities.
  • Standard 9.1
    • For Clinical Research Accrual, there was a friendly reminder that if programs are going to use a biorepository, then it must pertain to cancer. If you cannot meet the required number for patient accrual, then an action plan must be in place to meet the requirement.

Did you attend the CoC Educational Summit? What were your key takeaways? Check back soon for the final part of this series discussing CoC changes.

Interested in learning how CHAMPS Oncology can help your cancer program navigate recent industry changes? Contact us.

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