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Cancer Research Hill Visit, AJCC Overview, Networking and More at NCRA
Cancer Research

As you know, Laura Vondenhuevel and Amanda Harvey-McKee presented on casefinding at the NCRA 43rd Annual Education Conference last month. Brianna McKenzie, cancer information specialist, and I were there as well. We all learned a lot and took full advantage of our time in the nation’s capital. Here are a few thoughts from our trip…

Cancer Research Hill Visit

Amanda and I met with the following congress members to share the mission of CHAMPS Oncology:

  • Legislative Correspondent Andrew Shine from Senator Tom Carper’s office
  • Legislative Correspondent Betsey Coulbourn from U.S. Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester’s office
  • Counsel Desiree Mowry from Senator Roy Blunt's office

We discussed why cancer registrars are the key to cancer research, prevention and treatment; how existing central registries are the best avenue for cancer surveillance; and the concern for funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institute of Health, and the National Cancer Institute, which are slated for budget cuts in the proposed presidential budget.

It was an incredible experience. The staff we spoke with were very interested in hearing the details of what we do and asked very good questions to make sure they would be able to share what we discussed with their superiors. Before we left, we shared materials that featured 2017 cancer research facts and funding for specific states.

AJCC Overview

As a first-time attendee at NCRA’s conference, Brianna McKenzie was impressed by the beautiful convention center and knowledgeable speakers. She particularly enjoyed the overview of the American Joint Committee on Cancer’s 8th edition that was given to attendees. It was a great introduction to the updated manual and left her eager to research the topic further.


Both Brianna and Laura (a veteran NCRA conference attendee) enjoyed the opportunity to network. As a first time exhibitor, Laura was appreciative of all of the conversations she was able to have. The registrars were wonderful to talk to - she was able to discuss how they approach their work, as well as what’s going on within their registries or hospitals. And, since she spoke at the conference, it was nice to be at the CHAMPS Oncology booth where she could field questions and dive deeper into her presentation topic.

Were you at the NCRA conference last month? What was your main takeaway?

Check out our event calendar to see where CHAMPS Oncology is headed next!

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