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Quality Captain Spotlight: Megan

Introducing our first-ever Quality Captain Spotlight! In this series, CHAMPS Oncology will be highlighting members of our quality data team in recognition of their dedicated efforts performing quality control activities, assessments and reviews to ensure better data saves lives. This installment features Megan Coriell, RHIA, CTR.

Megan has been working in the cancer registry for 12 years, but the field has been calling her name since college. When she was a student at Ohio State studying health information management, a guest speaker from the OSU Medical Center Cancer Registry delivered a presentation to her class on what the cancer registry is and what it does. The presentation at the time felt like any other college lecture – but now that she’s working in the field, it feels like the presentation was almost like a fated encounter.

“I filed the information from that presentation away in the back of my mind not knowing I would need it,” said Megan. “It wasn’t until four years later that I found myself in this field like so many people with my degree often do.”

The work also has significant emotional meaning to Megan. Two weeks before she started with CHAMPS Oncology, she lost her father-in-law to lung cancer and lymphoma and has since lost her uncle to metastatic breast cancer.

“Each case I touch is an opportunity to create better data to save future lives,” Megan explained.

Megan splits her time between the quality and education departments and also manages the cancer registry at one of CHAMPS Oncology’s facilities. Her work with numerous accounts and projects, as well as her proficiency with all of the various cancer registry software programs that are utilized by clients, has earned her the distinction of being an educational resource in the department. She regularly answers questions that are raised by the staff and enjoys the variety of work along with the interactions it brings.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, children and three wiener dogs. Her family enjoys traveling together and scuba diving in the Caribbean. One of her vacation bucket list items is to swim in Jelly Fish Lake in Palau.

Each installment of Quality Captain Spotlight features a quality control team member and recognizes their important work of ensuring better data saves lives. To learn more, follow #QualityCaptain on social media. What’s your favorite part about working in the cancer registry?

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