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ACS Conference Key Takeaways: Changes to CoC Standards
Changes to CoC Standards 2017

In my last blog post on the AJCC 8th Edition Cancer Staging Manual, I mentioned the 2017 ACS Cancer Programs Conference my colleagues and I attended in September.

There were many important topics discussed at this conference and Commission on Cancer (CoC) Standards – specifically changes to CoC Standards - was another important topic of conversation.At the conference, the ACS team announced there will be more cancer program practice profile measures coming soon. They didn’t go into great detail, but I did leave the conference eager to learn more.

Here’s what they did share regarding these changes to CoC Standards…

  • The standards will focus on problem areas for CoC-approved hospitals.

  • The CoC approvals team will be meeting this year to discuss some of their most problematic compliance issues with regards to CoC Standards, including:
    • 1.5 (Cancer Program Goals)
    • 1.8 (Monitoring of Prevention, Screening and Outreach Activities)
    • 3.3 (Survivorship Care Plan)
    • 4.1 (Cancer Prevention)
    • 4.2 (Cancer Screening)
    • 4.7 (Studies of Quality)
    • 4.8 (Quality Improvements)
  • They will be making adjustments to these standards based on feedback from the ACS Cancer Programs Conference. 

I am eager to learn the full details from the CoC when they make an official announcement in regards to these changes. In the meantime, I will join my colleague Laura Vondenhuevel in focusing on what I can do to best prepare during a time of change in the cancer registry industry. (See Laura’s posts on cancer registry professionals and concurrent abstracting for some great tips!)

How are you preparing for upcoming changes to CoC Standards?

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