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Coronavirus Pandemic is Changing Cancer Treatment Decisions Mar 31, 2020 (Cleveland)

By Megan Coriell, RHIA, CTR, Quality Data Coordinator

It is no surprise that the coronavirus is impacting our daily lives in more ways than one.

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current-commission-on-cancer-standards Keeping Current With Commission on Cancer (CoC) Standards Mar 19, 2020 (Cleveland)

Have you been keeping current with the most recent Commission on Cancer (CoC) standards? If not, here’s your chance.

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blog post image v2 Meet March's Registry Rock Star: Tara Mar 11, 2020 (Cleveland)

A Cancer Information Specialist for CHAMPS Oncology, Tara has been passionate about research since a very young age when she wanted to study humpback whales.

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2020 Key Takeaways from CoC Educational Summit Part 4: CoC Standard Updates Feb 24, 2020 (Cleveland)

This week I will discuss the fourth and final part of my series regarding the key takeaways CHAMPS Oncology learned during the CoC Educational Summit:...

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Remote Cancer Registrar Working as a Remote Cancer Registrar: Choose the Right Organization Feb 20, 2020 (Cleveland)

By Julie Bell, CTR, Quality Data Coordinator

Working as a remote cancer registrar every day has its benefits, for sure, but there can be a downside...

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Registry Rock Star Meet February’s Registry Rock Star: Lisa Feb 18, 2020 (Cleveland)

Cancer Registry Fact: The data registrars collect provides information to better monitor and advance cancer treatments, conduct research as well as improve cancer prevention and...

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CoC Changes v2 Key Takeaways from CoC Educational Summit Part 3: CoC Changes Jan 27, 2020

This week I will discuss part three of the CoC changes that CHAMPS Oncology learned about during the CoC Educational Summit: 2020 A Glimpse Into...

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Registry Rock Star Linda Meet January’s Registry Rock Star: Linda Jan 17, 2020

Cancer Registry Fact: Cancer registries help target action so public health programs can figure out the success of cancer interventions and do more of what...

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CoC Accreditation Standards Key Takeaways from CoC Educational Summit Part 2: CoC Accreditation Standards Jan 10, 2020

CHAMPS Oncology was among the attendees at the CoC Educational Summit: 2020 A Glimpse Into the Future, that took place in Rosemont, IL Nov.

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