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Concurrent Abstracting in a Time of Change

10/11/2017  -  Comments (2)  -   Posted By Laura Vondenhuevel

Now that we are at the beginning of the age of concurrent abstracting in the cancer registry, some of us are starting to get a little worried about changes coming in 2018.

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Cancer Registry Professionals – Get Ready for Changes in 2018

10/3/2017  -  Comments (0)  -   Posted By Laura Vondenhuevel

You know the old saying, “change is the only constant?” Well as cancer registry professionals, don’t we know it!

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5 Tips for a Remote Interview

6/22/2017  -  Comments (2)  -   Posted By Laura Vondenhuevel

Have you ever considered consulting or contracting work as an alternative to a 9 to 5 office job? Often times you’re very first interaction with a potential employer will be a remote interview via the phone or WebEx.

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Casefinding Audits – A Sneak Peek at My NCRA Presentation

4/6/2017  -  Comments (0)  -   Posted By Laura Vondenhuevel

Have you done an audit lately to assess how complete your hospital’s casefinding processes are? Or tried looking for some resources for hospital cancer registries to conduct casefinding audits?

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